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Thread: sack race odds slashed for RD

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    sack race odds slashed for RD

    They were slashed from something like 26/1 to 6/1 after last night

    I was confident we would qualify but the buck lies with him and I wonder if there is some fall out behind the scenes with Collins.His comments about the lack of competition in the Premiership and how we suffer in europe from it seems like a dig at Deliah for signing all that guff from dundeeutd and Hibs. Mackay-Stevens on a free was a worthy signing, I am still scunnered at paying 1.5 for the biting dud Ciftci :/

    He offered us nothing in Europe and now he is finally able to play in the league I fully expect him to be restricted to the odd late substitution appearance. Scott Allan signing was funny, because it *********ed off the filth, but lets be real, this is another questionable signing. We would do no worse with Collins in charge, and I do actually believe we would have looked further afield for our signing targets!

    Hearts and Aberdeen have both made excellent starts and if this continues the pressure

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    re: sack race odds slashed for RD

    Aye right enough, at least one of your teams will have a run in a cup. Must have stung bad being put out of the league cup before United have even enteredthe draw. The pendulum has well and truly swung in the city of discovery!!! Still laughing

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