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Thread: FAO ManxRam - Charity wager

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    FAO ManxRam - Charity wager

    Mate - so is it on? 50 quid (pounds sterling or it's equivalent - I'll probably have to pay it in USD) To a charity of the winner's choice. Payment made by 1st week of June 2016.

    In the unlikely event both teams enter the play-offs, the 1 going furthest wins - if both fail at the semis - league position determines the winner. Fair?

    Other Forest fans can do the same with Derby fans or someone like 1961 - doesn't have to be for 50 quid , a fiver or tenner will do. Need not be about league positions, could be the derby games or who goes further in the FA Cup.

    But please no haranguing - it's 8 months to pay day, let that come first. Thanks

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    re: FAO ManxRam - Charity wager

    Oh crap it's on main - TTR can you do some work for a change and move it to AOB. I've relinquished my mod powers.

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