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Thread: crap fans

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    crap fans

    pacific shelf fans are almost as poor as sevco

    you do not deserve to win the league.

    joke club

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    re: crap fans

    Is that it? Ha ha ha , stick to guttin fish ya *********gin loser, mind get yer winter woolies on pal, its just went 7 below in Aiberdeen. :-D

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    re: crap fans

    Thrashed out of europe by a club with a capacity of 11,000

    Keep flying the ireland flag, it is less embarrassing to have everyone think you are irish!

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    re: crap fans

    Whatever gets you through it pal,I understand, must be hard two seasons on the trot thinking you were going do it only to have the Hoops pull the carpet from under you, feckin tremendous to watch.:-D

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    re: crap fans

    how does it feel to only have one star on your shirt? Genuine question, as I grew up watching my team win premier league titles and it meant very little. Europe is where BIG clubs measure their success. I may have only seen my team lift 2 european trophies, but it's 2 more than the majority of celtic fans, and double the amount your wee club has ever won in its entire history

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    re: crap fans

    It feels fine that we have won the premier trophy, and in doing so were the first Scottish, British and Northern European team to do so, we are known all over the world and our hoops instantly recognisable and loved ( mostly) contrast and compare with Aiberdeen , a wee team from a one team town, who admittedly played some fantastic football under the tutorage of a GLASWEGIAN and who were lucky enough to win a wee trophy, as for the shield and the two stars, hmm I see that right up there with the Huns and their five stars, I know, mibbes Celtic should put their fair play award issued by EUFA on their shirts as a star, let's face it pal, yer still hurting badly from that butt *bleep*ing you got yesterday, and who could blame you. :-D ARF!

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    re: crap fans

    If pacific shelp & Sevco join forces you can claim to equal our euro trophies

    Stand Free, For Scotlands most successful European force

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    re: crap fans

    5 wee trophies equal one big one, a known fact.

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    re: crap fans


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