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    Well I said it was coming. I was howled down, called from pillar to post.
    Xenophobe, racist, islamaphobia, far right fool.
    Germany commits political suicide under Field Marshall Merkel and the very place that far right extremism starts flares up again.
    Well done Merkel, you've just set the rise of the Fourth Reich in motion.
    This will only end in tears believe me. All the Liberals, lefties who have been happy clapping had better start sharpening their pen knives.
    It goes down hill from here. - view external link

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    re: Immigration

    Agree completely.

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    re: Immigration

    Wtf are you on about Trickytreesreds. Are you on drugs?

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    re: Immigration

    Quote Originally Posted by Romanis
    Wtf are you on about Trickytreesreds. Are you on drugs?
    Not in the slightest, just eyes open.

    Pity the rest of the soft liberals/lefties aren't. - view external link

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    re: Immigration

    Won't be long now before Europe is in lock down. It's own leaders are crapping bricks.

    Borrowed this letter from the paper. It's very much the truth of it.

    The EU has shot itself in the foot through complete incompetence and stupidity and we should take note why and how because this time it is immigration next time it could be something much more serious and terminal for Europe

    It is important to remember there has always been political unrest in in the middle east in the last 25 years , there has always been poverty in Africa but why has this happened now ? It is happening purely due to the EU amazing interpretation of international borders

    Because the EU has been sending the wrong signals and been actively encouraging migrants to come without consulting their own local populations. This mass movement has been created by the following fallacies that are all against normal international laws and border controls,it has created new rules as it goes along that are standing

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    re: Immigration

    And France explodes again.
    How long before Germany flares up?
    How long before it's our turn again?

    Still happy with this free movement invasion folks?
    Still happy with this love/peace/harmony/tolerance utopia the EU wants us all to love.

    Clocks ticking.

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