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Thread: Time for 18 team top league?

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    Time for 18 team top league?

    I think the time has come to get rid of the four league set up in scotland. Three leagues. 18 team top league with 12 and 12 for the other two. Teams in the top league would play each other twice. 34 games a season with a winter shut down. No split. Two automatically relegated. 15 th and 16th place play off to face the 3rd place team from the championship. Next season I think we should have no relegation with six teams being promoted the season after. League cup should be home and away ties up to the final. I see this as the best way to stay in the top league. Cause the playerd we have are struggling to do it in a 12 team league ????

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    re: Time for 18 team top league?

    No it isnt, not one league reconstruction in 40 years has changed anything. Its the complete inability of those who run our game to come up with anything other than changing number of teams in the league, winter breaks or reverting the league cup to failed format that leaves our game in the complete shambles it is. The one thats been done and failed most often is changing the size of the top league.

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