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Thread: A bit of quality

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    A bit of quality

    It just shows how tight this league is. A quality performance from Luke Williams was enough to get the three points at Bury. If we had still been without him last night we would have been beaten. Thankfully a very good performance from Daniels as well. The injury to Mirfin means the squad is looking thinner than ever so some strengthening is a must before the loan window closes.

    Interesting to see we are on the same points as Sheff United considering how many people wanted Robins out. Nigel Adkins now five games without a win, struggling and under pressure.

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    re: A bit of quality

    We were expected to lose last night, I was listening to Iron Player at work, and as Bury equalised the feeling of inevitable doom set in. But this team are becoming just that, a team.

    I might get stick for saying this, but I think Daniels' contribution was the most important, because he kept us in the game for long periods of time. Williams' goal took me completely by surprise, and I doubt he is even 100% match fit!

    As for our Nige, he is doing no better than Mark at the moment, and it must be easier to get players to join a club lime the Blunts.

    We are still in the fight!!


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