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Thread: O/T Fit You Reading 3

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    Read this out of interest

    Basically the author has thought up some ideas he thinks would save our game. He then discusses with his panel of Jocky Scott, Alex Smith, Steven Tweed, Brian Rice, John Blackley among others

    It was written in 2012 and nae really great but an easy read and its someones elses opinion. So interesting to hear

    Wouldnt it be great if we could fill the stadiums? How could we achieve this, by summer fitba and ground sharing

    Wouldn't it be good if we had summer fitba. It would entice more fans, you could sell more summer merchandise,

    Wouldn't it be good if we had a NFL draft type set up. Eh fit?

    Wouldn't it be good to have colt teams- Lucky that was a later chapter as he championed it. If that was early I would have put the book down

    Bin the challenge cup

    Not all ideas were bad

    A big shake up in training methods at grassroots etc is glaringly obvious

    Bigger leagues I agree with too

    Pyramid system was needed

    Out of everything that is mentioned the only stuff to happen is

    Regionalization of the Challenge Cup (he actually suggested the league cup so half right)

    Pyramid of Lowland(East of Scotland at the time) and Highland

    Introducing juniors but he suggested Ayrshire so almost right.

    Grass roots I suppose with Project Brave but its turned out to be a pointless exercise really

    All profits from the book went to Prostate Cancer UK so that in my book is a marvelous gesture. so fair play for that

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    An ok read

    But im mentioning it for his sooking up to r*****s 1872-2012 and how they are not actually that bigoted. Funny more than anything. Actually reckon the author has a soft spot for the deid c@nts

    Definitely fancy a steel city derby though

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    This was a great read. Written by a Uruguayan and translated to English. Almost poetic at times. The history of football told in an unorthodox way. Really really good read

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    Part two of Tim Pears's early 20th century trilogy, following The Horseman.

    Part 3 oot in short order and already on the to read pile.

    Leo's had a bad hiding fae his da after being grassed up by his uncle for his mild social transgression at the end of The Horseman, and is left to fend for himsel. He's been picked up and welcomed into the Gypsy community. Nae trips to Tannadice mentioned, since the manky Jute ****ers hivna been founded yet.

    Tim Pears is a ****ing genius.

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    Another couple of decent books down. Just put 'caught in the crossfire, Scotland's deadliest drug war' back in the cupboard. It's by Russell Findlay about the war between the Lyons and Daniels' families in Glasgow. Exposes just how close some Labour cronies were to these 'gangsters' over the last 20 odd years. Enjoyed the book.

    The book I read before that was 'The soldier who came back'. I saw it advertised in the P+J before I came away. 2 soldiers who escaped a POW camp in WWII. The descriptions of some of the places they visited on their route to freedom were brilliant, takes you right there. Couldn't put this book down and recommend it for anyone looking for their next buy.

    On to thon chernobyl one that WatsonNimrod recommended a few pages back.

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