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Thread: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

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    Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    Not been on for many months since the "no ******* unless you pay" saga & the new format......which I hate....plus of course the old pro & anti Allam battles.....just wondered how many of the old posters are still around & viewing (even if not posting)

    Must say that although I've not been to any games this season I'm actually enjoying watching the games I do get to see (streams/highlights) since we are actually competing & not the Premiership whipping boys !!

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    Well I'm still here but no one else seems to be - certainly no one seems to comment on the football anymore - pity

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    I'm around too (not as old as some posters in my different guises but a good few years under my belt). I was loyal to this board for a long time but I have moved to NOT 606 site and city independent. After Allam goes and I can claim victory they may as well close it I reckon. Agree about the ******* corred.

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    Quote Originally Posted by ancienttiger
    Well I'm still here but no one else seems to be - certainly no one seems to comment on the football anymore - pity
    I agree it's a pity but those in power at Footymad appear to have effectively killed the board with their pointless changes

    I really do think it's a shame because of all the boards this one seemed to be the most moderate......I don't bother with any of the other forums as having looked in there are too many idiots on them who argue for the sake of it

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    I have a look once a year or so. Still in touch with John Firth and Dean24. The old adage "If it ain't broke - don't fix it" but they couldn't help themselves. Like Vital until that Scottish Sheila came on and just took the boards over. Spent 24 hours a day on them and ****ody else could post without her ridiculing the poster and the post so they left one by one. ****ody on there any more. They did the same with the old flagship "Hull City afc" boards and they've gone. **** is the only one with any support but it's slowly sinking in the west. I spend most of my time on the Sunderland boards have made some great friends on there. Have a great day those who are left.

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    I popped on here a few years ago and it was a busy (and quite hostile at times) forum. Shame it is dying on its feet.

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    I'm a new recruit to the Tigers ranks. Previously Notts County. The MAD board there is buzzing so what's gone wrong here when you've got so much more to talk about?
    Burnley seem to be breaking away, leaving Boro & the Tigers to fight out the one automatic place. We don't want the lottery of the playoffs which rarely work out in favour of the best club.

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    So we found out a couple of years ago.

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    hello strangers, it's been a while...... I long since left, got bored silly of Andy B's attitude and heavy handed approach to admin

    I'm now mostly on FB, running the Hull City Unlimited group, and trying hard not to repeat the error of his ways!

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    re: Wow.....this place is quiet !!

    Not logged in for years. view sometimes but not often. I co run the biggest city forum on facebook now. was too many gob****es picking fights as I remember on here...not quite so easy when you can see who you are dealing with.

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    Just clicked onto it for the first time in a few years. (I assume)

    Had 200+ websites attached to my favourites not in folders. I was sorting them into folders. This was one of them.

    Used to be much better on here. Sad that it's dead :/

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