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Thread: Well done Latics

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    Well done Latics

    Oldham, that is.

    Played well against Burton today, and held out for a goalless draw.

    Four points gap and twenty four yet up for grabs, so even though being runners up is acceptable, would be nice to have another trophy to our.

    Not quite so prestigious as an FA Cup, but another 'honour' to add to the list seems good to me.

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    re: Well done Latics

    Yeah good result that, puts a bit of pressure on Millwall to come up with the goods on Monday against Burton, But not forgetting we have got to come up with the goods against Rochdale who slotted 4 past Southend yesterday, things could look very interesting if the results pan out the way we hope they do !!

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    re: Well done Latics

    and the Millwall result as well.

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    re: Well done Latics


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    re: Well done Latics

    Going up up up up.

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    And straight back down

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