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Thread: Blades V S****horpe

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    Blades V S****horpe

    Blades 2: 3 S****horpe

    Apologies for not displaying the latest prediction table, I am in the UK at the moment and forgot to bring the saved excel file. On my return to Germany I will do a full update of the table after the final game.

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    Blades V Scunny

    Blades 2 - 2 Iron

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    re: Blades V S****horpe

    BLADES 3-2 win.UTB

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    re: Blades V S****horpe

    Blades 3 Scunny 1

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    re: Blades V S****horpe

    Draw!! 1 1

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    re: Blades V S****horpe

    blades 2 scunny 3. Then the players can put their flip flops on and fck off en mass into the sun.

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    re: Blades V S****horpe

    1.1 at least I remembered to predict this week.

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