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Thread: Liverpool Bottle It

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    Liverpool Bottle It

    as Coke fizzes in two pops at goal

    Shame for the scousers. Klopp's now lost 5 in a row and no European nights (maybe relegation fights ) for them

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    re: Liverpool Bottle It

    Hes a smug git that Klopp so I don't feel sorry for him.

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    re: Liverpool Bottle It

    Liverpool were the only club whose fans gave us respect at Villa Park and the manager had kind words for us too, so I'm not celebrating their loss.

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    re: Liverpool Bottle It

    Yeah I wasn't happier to see Sevilla win. Liverpool played well, Can was being talked up as a lynchpin for cup success the day before, just not sure for which team was clear.

    Amazing goal from Sturridge. Must have thought they'd won it already. That early equalizer wrote the rest of the script didn't it...

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