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Thread: Congrats Hull love an Owl

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    Congrats Hull love an Owl

    As a SWFC Fan have to admit we battered you for the first 10 minutes but after that it was all Hull. We defended well and so did you, took a good goal to separate us so congrats on that. I admit it hurst because even when you were on top I thought we would win, because you were not taking your chances and how many times in football does that come back to bite you in the arse lol. In all fairness you were the better team so congrats. Feel like we are the better team to have lost because of the youth in our squad and the money that will be injected into the club so I am sure we will be fine and challenging for automatics next season (hopefully). Where as I feel you would have struggled no offense. You achieved more than us in the regular season and today you were the better team, not by much but definitely better and I wish you the best of luck in the premiership. Good luck Hull and hopefully we will see you in a years time in the premiership together

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    You guys never turned up, on another day it would have been 4 or 5 nil. Think yourself lucky you didn't get a pasting.

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    Sincere congratulations Hull and I mean it

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    Thought you looked capable of putting 3-4 goals past us but we defended well but your very correct that we did not turn up offensively, we definitely did not play the style of football that took us to the playoffs. Like I said first 10 we looked very capable of scoring, then hull had their first chance and our heads seemed to drop and we fell out of the game.

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    Well done Hull...You turned up yesterday..We didn't.
    Good luck and all the best next season in the Prem.

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    Wendy bottlers

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    re: Congrats Hull love an Owl

    Why are the blades chirping up? how many playoff attempts have you had and failed? we have been their twice and won one and lost one and we are in the championship mind the gap

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