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    Thumbs up MMM. Goose

    Thoughts on the site? I got lots of ads at first but seems OK now and can only be better I hope I was just about to post and the ads started

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    Confusing to start with but expect will get used to it.
    Daisy deteriorating rapidly and don't think she will see the week out - have an appointment this coming Thursday for an update health check, but fear I will have to ask the vet to put her to sleep as she is suffering.
    Am absolutely devastated.

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    I'm very sorry to hear that MMM but you must do what's best for her don't let her suffer I will be thinking of you brings it back to me we still miss our old boy Charlie.

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    Thank you Kerry................................

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles ,I still miss Baloo even now despite having 3 lovely dogs.It is never easy as they become part of the family.

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    This site on my PCs won't let me log on so having to do everything on my iPad hope things will improve will give it a chance.

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