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Thread: Bans - be careful out there!

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    Exclamation Bans - be careful out there!

    I know Wortley has mentioned this on a thread already, but I thought it definitely worth repeating, just so you know what's what before something, errrr, nasty happens.

    We don't tend to swing the virtual axe on here, especially when a slap on the wrist is sufficient, but you should all realise that it now seems as if a red card received on ANY of the FootyMad boards (for whatever reason) applies across ALL of the FootyMad boards and not just the one on which it was issued.

    So, if you receive a red card on another site, it will also apply here (and vice versa!). Uh oh!

    I can well imagine that a fair few of you enjoy living it large elsewhere, but you might want to take a couple of seconds before hitting the post button just to make sure you've not crossed the line, wherever it might be, for the site you're visiting.

    I can't say I totally agree with this change, but I guess we are going to have to live with it. For now, anyway.

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    Oooooh get them with their new site!

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    I gotta feeling the Rev will soon be gone from the footy-mad world...I ain't watching what I say/type for any fecker..its internet bullying what footy-mad are doing!


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    Hummmmmmm, so if I get banned for a bit of light banter thats it? I know some forums where they'll ban you for the mere fact you're a Leeds fan.

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    Oo- er ..bye bye my Yawkshire friends ,can't see me lasting long now.. Lol

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    So, can one be permanently banned without the option to reopen an account a minute later?
    If yes: then ban me before I make it unbearable for other users to take part in this forum (not that I would agree to all of their arguments though).
    My state of mind just doesn`t allow me to give any promises that I `ll stay best thing will be to ban my IP-Adress.
    Or ban me anyway, will keep me away for some time at least.

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    I`ve tried to get a ban from the Barnsley mad forum and another one...nothing happens. Whoever said one must be carefull out there must be kidding...which superman like abilities are required to ban someone?

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    Am only replying as I'm fed up of seeing that jerk with the rambling name and even ramblier (word?) essays, everytime I log in, feel free to add your own message as a sort of taking up the torch to keep the evil one at bay

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    I only joined this forum 2 days ago and have sent 2 e-mails which have both been deleted from the forum, WHAT REASON???? there is nothing sinister or offensive on them

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