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Thread: who are ya - mark 2

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    Jan 2008
    Username: pboromag (toonfull)
    Real name: steve
    Nicknames: tammy /kek /killer dependent on when and where we met
    Age: 53
    Occupation: business owner/property developer/business developer /sales trainer /brewery owner/
    Where from: cyprus
    Married/Partner: married (3 times)
    Kids: 3
    Supports: Newcastle united of course and Barcelona
    Likes: beer, footy ,fly fishing,footy coaching,lambrettas ,vespas,collecting cars
    Dislikes: ignorant people,people who dont try,homosexuality and people who preach what i must and must not like

    Best football moment so far: first toon game /watching my first lad sign professional terms,my lads face in the 5-1 mackem game
    Favourite player(s) - past:anyone that wore a toon shirt and gave 100%
    Favourite player(s) - presentame as above

    Favourite phrase or saying:failing isnt the problem ,not trying is .

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    Feb 2005
    Username: smorgan86
    Real name: Shawn
    Nicknames: Morgan (Grew up with about 10 Sean, Shawn, Shaun's, a lot of Canadians call their friends by their last name)
    Age: 29
    Occupation: Digital Marketer
    Where from: Canada
    Married/Partner: Been with girlfriend 10 years
    Kids: None
    Supports: Newcastle United (Footy) Detroit Red Wings (Hockey) Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball)
    Likes: Beer, Sports, Building Computers and Gaming, Movies
    Favorite Players: Shearer, Steve Yzerman (Hockey)
    Best football moment so far: Came over for my first match last season 5-1 vs Spurs. Too bad about the relegation. Hell of a time though.

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    Aug 2013
    Username: coastferret
    Real nameeter
    Where from:coast
    Likes:life and love
    Dislikes:death and fascists

    Best football moment so far: at a family wedding when England won World Cup, guys at the back had the radio on and erupted when the 3rd one went in, first match at St James (we lost 1-0 to chelsea late 60`s early seventies, fairs Cup games pecsi dozsa I think at home. Home to Rangers when the sharpened pennies and darts came down wasn`t much fun tho.
    Favourite player(s) - past:Bobby Charlton, Jim Smith, Shearer, Sheringham, Scholes
    Favourite player(s) - present: Liking Townsend since he came North
    Hated player: Ronaldo
    Hated Commentators: all the liverpool retired ****s
    Favourite Commentator: Slava Biliousatack
    Favourite phrase or saying: patience, tolerance, kindliness and love ( and **** happens)

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    May 2009
    Username: ghfc09
    Real name: Daryl
    Nicknames: Daryl
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Financial Accountant
    Where from: Born in Gateshead, raised in Niagara Falls, Canada
    Married/Partner: Girlfriend of 2 years
    Kids: 0
    Supports: Newcastle United, Toronto Blue Jays
    Likes: Football, Snowboarding, Nature/Environment, Financial Management
    Dislikes: Hockey, American Football, the right wing, Negative People, Liverpool

    Best football moment so far: First Match I ever attended at St. James against Doncaster. Kevin Nolan got the winner in stoppage time.
    Favourite player(s) Past - Shearer, Ben Arfa, Carroll
    Favourite player(s) - Present - Mitrovic and Townsend

    Favourite phrase or saying:"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world"

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    May 2006
    Username: sherriff47
    Real name: Matt
    Age: 39
    Occupation:Travel Agency Manager
    Where from: Adelaide, Australia
    Married/Partner: Married
    Kids: 0
    Supports: NUFC
    Likes: NUFC, As Roma
    Dislikes: SAFC

    Best football moment so far: Being ay St James for the home derby 5-1 win!
    Favourite player(s) - past: Shearer, Speed
    Favourite player(s) - present: Townsend, Perez

    Favourite phrase or saying: If you want to play with the big dogs you can't pi55 like a poodle!

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    Jan 2010
    Username: Philtoon82
    Real name: Phil
    Nicknames: Bear
    Age: 34
    Occupation: Financial Adviser
    Where from: Brought up in Jarra now living in Boldon
    Married/Partner: Married for 6 years
    Kids: 3. 1 boy and 2 girls
    Supports: Newcastle United and England
    Likes: Chinese Food, Vodka, Football, putting smiles on my little un's faces. Meeting friends for drinks and banter before going to the match. Being part of a packed away end for a last minute winner. Football betting.
    Dislikes: Traffic. Rudeness. People who slate the national side all year round then become avid fans for a Euro tournament or World Cup

    Best football moment so far: Seeing NUFC play at Wembley 3 times.
    Favourite player(s) - past: Pedro. Nobby Solano. Robert Lee. Alan Shearer.
    Favourite player(s) - present: Currently Matt Ritchie. Think he will be a great player for us.

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    Aug 2008
    Username: Magpienut
    Real name: Neil
    Age: 56
    Occupation: Guest Liaison Officer
    Where from: Born Stannington, now living in West Wales
    Married/Partner: Married to a Welsh lass.
    Kids: 2 one of each.
    Supports: The Toon
    Likes: Beer and DIY, (not at the same time though)!
    Dislikes: Liars and cheats.

    Favourite player(s) - past: Supermac, Shearer, Jinky Jim, Ginola, etc, etc
    Favourite player(s) - present: Yedlin & Ritchie

    Favourite phrase or saying: How the F*** did he miss that!

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    Feb 2005
    Username: Alfienoakes
    Real name: Mark
    Nicknames: Alfie Noakes
    Age: 52 wtf
    Occupation: Designer
    Where from: South Shields
    Married/Partner: Widowed
    Kids: 2 - Patrick just 18 and Cora almost 20
    Supports: Toon
    Likes: Toon, beer,
    Dislikes: How long have you got?

    Best football moment so far: Watching us put 6 past QPR
    Favourite player(s) - past:Shearer, Beardsley, Ginola
    Favourite player(s) - present:Shelvey, Atsu,

    Favourite phrase or saying:Love you Dad

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    Aug 2007
    Username: niloc
    Real name Bryan
    Nicknames: none
    Age: 57
    Where from: toon
    Married/Partner: yep
    Kids: 4
    supports: NUFC
    Likes: beer tabs toon
    Dislikes: non drinkers non smokers makams

    Favourite phrase or saying:

    Favourite past players: Pedro, Sir Les and Big Al

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    Aug 2007
    sad sad news re the 2 lads passed far to early RIP

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    Jul 2010
    User name Sherwoodmag
    Real name Mick
    Born Wallsend
    Lives Mansfield Notts
    Works retired
    Former employment Underground Fitter at a few collieries then Shipyard Fitter and Merchant Navy Engineer
    Favourite player/ too many to mention since watching in the 1950s but Milburn and Beardsley are up there.

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    Username: glens mighty mags
    Real name: glen
    Nicknames: Gorgeous Bastad
    Age: 52
    Occupation: Site manager
    Where from: whitley bay
    Married/Partner: yes
    Kids: 2 lads
    Supports: nufc
    Likes: nufc sex beer
    Dislikes: sunderland - brummy accent - smarmy 2 faced back stabbing ****s - liars

    Where do you live : La Linea Spain
    Best football moment so far: watching our fans bounce the terraces at old trafford against spurs semi final from the spurs end going balistic when we scored and seeing all the other geordies go mad in the spurs end
    Favourite player(s) - past: young boy peter keegan macdonald shearer
    Favourite player(s) - present: richie shelvey

    Favourite phrase or saying: aye right - piss off man - sniper eyes

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    May 2005
    Username: dezzy94
    Real name:dezzy dez
    Nicknames: dezzy
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Android App developer
    Married/Partner: nope
    Kids: 0
    Supports: SUNDERLAND Sydney FC
    Likes: driving Choo choo trains

    Best football moment so far: NEWCASLTE UTD 0 - SUNDERLAND 3
    Favourite player(s) - Kevin Philps

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    Dec 2006
    Username: Toptoon
    Real name: Nick
    Nicknames: Goose, Grandad
    Age: 48
    Occupation: NBD Manager
    Where from: Born Kelso, raised Newcastle
    Married/Partner: yes
    Kids: 2 boys
    Supports: nufc, (passing interest in Flamengo)
    Likes: Footie and rugby. Walking. Reading.
    Dislikes: Political correctness. Arrogance. Sunderland fans.

    Where do you live : Campinas, Brazil
    Best football moment so far: Newcastle 3 Mackems 1 - New Years´Day 1985
    Favourite player(s) - past - Beardsley, Keegan.
    Favourite player(s) - present - Ritchie, Merino.

    Favourite phrase or saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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    Jun 2016
    Edit: sorry not the place for this

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    Not sure if I posted on the mark 1 thread been on this thread for a few years just reading people's comments etch so here goes

    Real name:*Andrew
    Occupation: IT manager
    Where from:*Wakefield
    Kids:*0 that I know of
    Likes:*beer, football, rugby and ordering stuff online when drunk
    Dislikes:*people who don't at least listen to both sides of an argument.

    Best football moment so far:*first away match at Crystal palace way back in 2013
    Favourite player(s) - past: Shearer, Beardsley
    Favourite player(s) - present: Ritchie.

    Favourite phrase or saying: your eyes look like Pisa holes in the snow.

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    Jun 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by HughieG View Post
    Edit: sorry not the place for this

    What did I post here, TL?

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    Dec 2016
    Username: Midsmagpie
    Real name: Melanie
    Age: 44
    Where from: Norfolk
    Kids: 0
    Supports: Newacastle and Serbia
    Likes: having a kip
    Dislikes: Manure Villa and liverpool

    Best football moment so far: Mick quinn 4 v leeds
    Favourite player(s) - past: Mick Quinn Patrick Kluivert and Dragan Stojkovic
    Favourite player(s) - present: Mitrovic and Yedlin

    Favourite phrase or saying: Nowt

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    Jul 2017
    Username: Ragatino

    Real name: David

    Nicknames: Razinho, Ragincha, Delroy Ragatoni

    Age: 39

    Occupation: Broadcasting Systems Engineering manager @ Sony Middle East & Africa @ Al Jazeera in Qatar
    Where from: Cheltenham in Gloucestershire to a Geordie Mam & a Cockney Dad (Big rugby man & a part time Baggies fan for some reason)

    Married/Partner: No / never

    Kids: None that I know of

    Supports: Newcastle United

    My names sake, my Great Grand Father -David Fairhurst who played 284 games for Newcastle United. So from birth I've been black & white (https://www.nufc.com/2018-19html/players-f.html - Fairhurst D.L)

    Likes: Football, a good curry, Quality rock n roll - 60s through to UK indie, muse, Placibo etc, Touring Car racing, Getting out in the desert with some mates for a BBQ, MMA/UFC, Toon Legends Tino, Nobby, Ginola, Robert, Wor Al, KK etc

    Dislikes: Bad manners, London bias of the media to NUFC, Talk Sport, London in general (4 yrs working there - **** hole full of d!cks), Manchester United

    Best football moment so far: 5-0 v Man U with my Grandad who was on his way out with Cancer / Travelling with the Toon as a kid to Italy

    Favourite player(s) - past: Tino, Nobby, Ginola, Robert, Wor Al, Beardo, Albert, Given

    Favourite player(s) - present: Lejeune, Dubravka, Longstaff & Rondon

    Favourite phrase or saying:
    Don't leave it till tomorrow if you can do it today.
    If you want something doing properly do it yourself.
    You are only as good as the good people around you.

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    who are ya mark 2

    Just a thread to introduce ourselves a little to the other members of the forum...
    Ok I'm Daniele, from Cagliari, Italy, 23yrs old and that's enough for now 'cause I'm asking myself if someone would reply to this with something different than "who cares?"

    (from mod)
    this thread is to introduce some of your details about yourself - it is put up in memory of 2 members of this board one of which started the first "who are ya " the format is as-

    Real name:
    Where from:

    Best football moment so far:
    Favourite player(s) - past:
    Favourite player(s) - present:

    Favourite phrase or saying:

    if you don,t want to put up your details or want replies do not post anything on this tread

    thank you
    Last edited by ronandtet; 25-03-2019 at 05:56 PM.

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