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Thread: Player Sponsorship

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    Player Sponsorship


    I don't know if anyone still uses this site?

    (The new look and update seems to really made what used to be a good forum terribly bad)

    Thanks again to those who came together to sponsor Jamie Reid and Keiran Stewart last season. After much thought I've decided to see if there are generous fans who want to come together again to try and sponsor a player.

    If there is enough interest then we could try to go for a 2nd player but a good start would be 10 sponsors at 25 each to make up the 250.00.

    We all support a small club and we are able to make a difference.

    As I said thank you again for coming together over the previous seasons, it would be great if we could keep it going.

    Many thanks!


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    Count me in again this season, thanks for organising

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    Count me in again for this season. Thanks from me too.

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    As I said at Elgin, I'm happy to continue to contribute.

    Thanks for organising it again, Graham.

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    So it seems this website is dying a slow death.

    Thanks for those who have already signed up, and those who have given me money already. It's looking like we are going to sponsor Ricky Little for the upcoming season! Delighted as he has been one of our best players in recent seasons. I'm still looking for a few more sponsors, so if you can't log on this website, feel free to send me a message on Pie and Bovril where i have the same name.

    I so far have

    Lanarkshire_Lichtie - 25
    Stan 3600 - 25
    Lichtgilphead - 25
    ReLichtie - 25
    Turnstyle Lichtie - 25
    AFC1320 - 25
    Smokie Bacon Crisps - 25
    Tim Lichtie - 25

    So we are at 200 so only need 2 more for Ricky, if there is enough interest then we could do a second player

    If anyone who has sponsored previously and would like to do so again, you can send me an email, text, tweet, see me at gayfield or send an email to

    Thanks again!!!

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    Thanks to Karen and WattersCupWinner we now have 250 secured for Ricky.

    If we got another ten sponsors, or anyone who wants to put in more we could try for another, or there is the option of sponsoring a matchday ball which I think is around 120.

    Every little bit helps!

    Thanks again!

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    Hello again!

    Just a wee update.

    Sponsorship has now started to try and secure another player as HighlandLichtie and Leicesterlichtie have come forward. If there is anyone out there who would still like to come forward, or would like to double their 25 then it would be most welcome.

    Thanks again!

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    OK to sponsor again will give you 25 at Berwick Game..

    Could push to 50 depending on who is second player to sponsor.☺☺☺

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    Thanks Arbroath1

    I think there are only 2/3 players without a sponsor, of course unless there are any more additions.

    Still looking out for 6/7 sponsors

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    Hello again,

    I haven't had any more offers on Player sponsorship, so still 150 short on securing another player.

    I have received payment from;
    Lanarkshire Lichtie
    Stan 3600
    Turnstyle Lichtie
    Highland Lichtie
    Leicester Lichtie

    I'll hopefully see everyone else on Saturday.

    Thanks again

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    Hi SBC

    I should be at the game on Saturday. Where & when should we meet up?

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    Thanks Lichtgilphead!

    I'll see you at half time if you are standing with the usual crowd!


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