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Thread: Daisy

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    She died in the early hours of this morning and we just now buried her in the garden.
    Needless to say I am heartbroken, but at peace in that she is not longer suffering.

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    Hi MMM We are so sorry to hear your sad news about Daisy even though you knew it was coming it's very hard to take I know it's easy for me to say but remember all her little ways and the good times that's what we do when talking about Charlie it's three months since we lost him.

    No more suffering and she is at peace now, people who have not had dogs will think we're mad but they are part of the family RIP. Daisy

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    Thank you for your kind and comforting words Kerry as I know you have been/are going through the same, and you are right, it is like losing a close family member.

    Yesterday my daughter came to visit with her partner and our first and only grandchild who is now one year old and that distracted me somewhat from my grief. My daughter lives a long way from here so her visits are not often and she was very upset that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Daisy, which made it worse for me - on the brighter (?) side her partner dug the grave for me as I couldn't have done it what with my COPD, so all's well that ends well I suppose..............if I can say that as I was worrying a lot about the trauma of having to take her to the vets - it would have been gut wrenching and I am not sure if I could have even done it, and so our vet rang later after I had cancelled Daisy's appointment for next Thursday, which was kind and she said that was the worst thing to deal with in having to take your dog to be put to sleep and that I was save that horrible journey - I really don't know you managed it with Charlie, you must have been so brave.

    And so now, with the distraction of yesterday's visit gone it has now hit me very hard......................sorry to go on, but it is cathartic for me on this day and hope you don't mind me pouring my heart out............oh dear, if someone else read this they would probably say pull yourself together!! But like you say, they do not understand.

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    Hi MMM I hope but doubt you are feeling better I thought I would tell you about the dogs I have had all Greyhounds the first one Bluey we bought for just sixty pounds and she won seven races for me and was a wonderful pet so cleaver it only took a few minutes to teach her to shake hands etc and I could take her out without a lead well she had cancer and I had to take her to the vets to be pts and although she was so weak she found so much strength and didn't want to go in and I just handed her over something I have always regretted I should have been with her so now I make sure im with them but it is very hard but they don't feel anything Kessie went straight away that was 2007 but Charlie took his time the vet said he had a strong heart.

    How is your wife and how is she coping with your loss ?

    On to football the fixtures are out tomorrow and I see there is interest from other clubs in McGoldrick.

    All the best thinking of you Mike

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    Thank you Kerry - little bit better but not much. Have been trying to sort her grave out today and now have some idea of what my wife and I want - she has her moments of completely breaking down.

    Can give little thought to anything else at the moment.........sorry.

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