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Thread: Not long now gastank

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    Not long now gastank

    are you looking forward to another promotion chase or are you lacking hope like me?

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    Yo Gaz, Ive nothing against Walsall of course and Im sure you and Gas can understand my comments last season because it was MY team who they faced in the play offs.
    Its a shame now to see some Walsall players leave and Tom Bradshaw is the latest and perhaps biggest one to say he wants to leave. Losing in the play offs can be really hard to make up for cant it, as Swindon also found out last season.

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    You are too hard on yourself Acido. If you can't be passionate about your team and all that ..

    Walsall did take a knock with players out but seem happy with Simeon Jackson

    Where is gastank? Has he been bought by Ajax Mad or something

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