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Thread: Arbroath v Dundee Utd

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    Arbroath v Dundee Utd

    A good start to this season's competitive games. United brought a big support who filled the Pleasureland end and half of the stand and there was a good atmosphere around the ground. A minutes silence in respect of the tragedy in Nice was observed before the kick off.

    First half United had more possession but we weren't over run and competed well although Robbie Mutch in goal had some great saves to keep us in it. Hard to believe he's just coming up for 18, he played like an experienced keeper.

    Second half was much the same as the first and a late, late goal by United sub Anier, replacing Simon Murray, started some fans leaving the ground, but a goal by Hamilton from a cross from the right in added time set the scene for the penalty shot out.

    Still don't know what the manager sees in David Gold. He came on as a sub for Prunty around 75 mins and the only thing he did was have his penalty saved to give United the match.

    Good performances from the usual suspects, Ricky Little, Bobby Linn, Steven Doris, Colin Hamilton and of course Robbie Mutch. In fact the whole team played well and Mark Whatley had his best game for a while although Kader lost possession too easily, too often. But if we can play to this standard in league games on throughout the season we should finish near the top of the league.

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    Can we not just get behind the whole squad for once? We always seem to have a fall guy who is picked on. It's stupid and negative.

    More so David Gold didn't miss the penalty as he didn't take one in the penalty shot out.

    New signing Liam Callaghan had his penalty saved.

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    Sorry, my mistake, it was indeed Callaghan who had his penalty saved. Apologies to David Gold for that.

    Afraid I don't see it as having a fall guy and being stupid and negative about it. Gold showed nothing in his first team appearances last season and since that is true I see no reason not to say so. I do, however, hope that he improves on that this season, don't think he will be a regular starter but would like to see him having some impact when brought on as a sub.

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    Don't think Gold is ever bad, always does a job without ever being outstanding. Gaffer must see something in him and I've heard that he's a very good pro and trainer. I'd much prefer seeing everybody get behind everybody too he does always seem to be the fall guy. Done nothing wrong on Friday and he's singled out for whatever reason and then blamed for missing the pen unbelievable haha!!

    Very happy with all the boys and the gaffer. New signing Scott will be a star this season I think.

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