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Thread: Arbroath v Cowdenbeath

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    Arbroath v Cowdenbeath

    Shades of last season against a strong, physical (i.e. kick the man if you can't kick the ball) Cowden side. The defence was pretty non- existent at both goals and it could have been worse but for Robbie Mutch who had another fine game.

    Cowden defence was well organised and we were forced to play across the pitch and didn't have much joy with balls over the top. Little and Scott were sorely missed. Would have preferred to have had Linn and Callaghan as wide players from the start, Kader didn't impress.

    Subbing a midfielder for a forward seemed strange at 2-0 down, maybe damage limitation. Might have been different if Doris had scored from the penalty but overall a disappointing game for us but maybe a wake up call for what lies ahead in the league.

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    Unfortunately couldnt make the trip down but seen the highlights. Im hoping that based on the highlights, we wasnt that poor?

    Always tough coming up against a side thats recently been relegated as they want to prove a point. More to the point yesterday should have been our chance to show we have what it takes to tackle the bigger teams of the league.

    Caley at the weekend is a complete right off as they will want top spot and I fear the worst. Never say never though.

    Hopefully we can kick start our season with 3pts against Berwick and then onto Montrose a week later.


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