Dear Cov fans,

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I am a Barnsley and England fan based in St Petersburg, who is involved in a project, the aim of which is to help travelling supporters have fun, and stay safe at Russia 2018 and beyond, and avoid many of the common pitfalls and complications associated with travelling to and around Russia such as language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and difficulties in finding decent places to eat, accommodation and transport tickets at a reasonable price.

Even if you are not intending on travelling to Russia 2018, if you have travelled abroad in the past to support your club or country, your information is invaluable to us. We are especially (but not exclusively) interested in the experiences of fans who travelled to Ukraine in 2012, as we are sure that many of the logistical problems which cropped up there will be repeated in Russia.

The survey can be found here - - and will take about five minutes to fill in. You can also find us on Facebook - - and our full website and app for download are planned for launch in the next few months. If you wish to contact me directly for any reason, you can drop me a line at .


Best wishes, and good luck for the season.

Cheers, John