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Thread: BLADESMAD is as bad as our team

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    BLADESMAD is as bad as our team

    How come i can get on to post on the off topic board but i can't get on the main forum? So i'm gunna gi my verdict on tonights shambles on here,Coutts was our man of the match in my view,the rest Clarke apart were a complete shambles,George has to be dropped for his own good,he's so out of form it's unreal,confidence is non existant,but the "supporters" who were sarcastically clappin and then booin him were in my opinion pathetic.The Beard,Wilson,Hussey,Bash.Duffy,Done,Fleck,Billy were all pathetic,O'connell wasn't much better either.Clarke must wonder why he swapped Gigg lane to come here,most balls up to him were either miles over his head or round his throat.Why Tufty persists bringin Scougal on is beyond me,shirley Sparky should've had a run out tonight as a sub.I'm a very disapointed BLADE tonight,Roll on Saturday 1pm ko for our U/18's.UTB

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    Same problem Rod. Has the board died at last? ( no, not McC and his lot!)

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