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Thread: Clyde V Lichties

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    Clyde V Lichties

    Afternoon Folks,

    A bit late with the post I know ...

    Thoughts on Saturdays game? Great turn out again from our support and our voice was heard thats for sure!

    Wasn't the worse performance but it wasn't the best either. I know it's only semi pro football but all we done at the weekend was hoof the ball in the air and gave away possession for too easily. I wasn't impressed with Clyde and they were there for the taken.

    Little had a poor game which is not like him, so I will let him off with this one Kader is so wasteful of late as everything he touches goes to the other side. Not sure on the extent of Whatley's injury so hopefully not a serious one. Callaghan should have been brought him as thats the last 2 games he hasn't featured. He ran the show up at Elgin so hopefully DC gives him a run at the weekend.


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    I can't go to away games so can't comment on the Clyde match but I haven't been that impressed with Kader from what I've seen at the games I've been at. Occasional patches of good play but tends to lose the ball easily and not that many good balls into the box.

    Hopefully he'll have a good game on Saturday, I guess he will start as he seems to be a favourite of the manager, and hopefully a win.

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