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Thread: Arbroath v Annan Athletic

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    Arbroath v Annan Athletic

    A beautiful late summer afternoon at Gayfield, sunny, warm and hardly a breath of wind. Shame the football was so dull in comparison. We were the better side in the first half, hitting the post and the bar but Annan packed their box when we attacked and we couldn't find a way through.

    Second half we were bloody awful, as bad as at any time last season, and it was hardly surprising when Annan took the lead. We struggled and were very lucky to get a point that we hardly deserved when McCord scored from close in with virtually the last kick of the game, in a crowded goalmouth, with Annan appealing for offside.

    Our substitutions were made far too late, Prunty was hardly in the game and could have been subbed at half time and the other subs should have been given more game time to make an impact.

    We supposedly have a lot of the better players in this league and if that's true it's time for them to start showing what they can do because none of them looked any better than the Annan hoofers. The manager needs to get the defence sorted out, Ricky Little is not a full back.

    Hard to take any positives from the game, we'll need to be a lot better next week.

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    Glorious day indeed at Gayfield but the match wasnt. We had chance after chance to wrap it up by half time but again, we didnt take our chances. Second half was appauling and rightly so, Annan deserved their lead. I left just after the 90 minute mark so didnt see our leveller. Bloody typical ...

    Captain Hammy probably our best performer on the day. Dont know what DC sees in McCord. Yes he scored today but he seems to just walk into this team. Still not sure what Jimmy Scott has to offer as he hasnt been that exciting to be honest. I say it week in and week out that I would have Liam Callaghan in midfield as he has loads to offer. Since the game at Elgin he hasnt even played any minutes which is really disappointing.

    Was happy to see Prunty start but he couldnt involved enough which was frustrating. Will be good to see Doris and Prunty start next week and have Skelly on the bench as I reckon these two would play well together.

    Early days, seasons only started and we're still ahead of Montrose!

    Lets get stuck into Cowdenbeath next week and show them they will not win at Gayfield this time as they had done in the Betfred cup.

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