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Thread: Lichties V Cowdenbeath

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    Lichties V Cowdenbeath

    Evening Folks,

    Another snore bore today ... We're definitely the draw merchants thats for sure.

    We had plenty of chances today to wrap up this game but we didnt take them. Almost bit us on the arse near the end but we held on. Young Hester should have put his 1on1 late in the 2nd half right into the roof of the net but what a tame shot it was straight to the keeper. Jimmy with almost goal of the season in the first half and was really unlucky with his chance.

    Robbie Mutch was poor today. His kicking was awful. Wind was a pig today but still no excuse. He wasnt as commanding as he has been of late. A couple of well held shots but that was it.

    Bobby Linn was lively as ever and it was good to see Callaghan get a start but it didnt go well for him today. Josh Skelly needs dropped, he is abysmal! He is so scared on the park he pulls out of everything. A centre backs dream coming up against him. Doris and Prunty up front next week against Edinburgh perhaps?

    Again, the officials were bloody awful today! We have no luck in getting decent ones lately so hopefully this changes soon.

    Think Ive covered everything .... ��

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    Yes, another frustrating and disappointing match for Lichties fans.

    Surprised at the starting line up. With 4 strikers to choose from the manager played a midfielder up front and shuffled the back 4 about, playing 2 central defenders in full back positions.

    We almost scored at the start, Bobby Linn blasting a shot into the side netting from a Skelly cross. Cowden came more into it but we gradually got better. Skelly hit the post then had the keeper at full stretch to turn a shot round the post for a corner. Scott almost scored with an overhead kick, that would have been some goal had it gone in rather than over the bar.

    We were probably the better side, but all our attempts at goal went high and wide. Same in the second half. Hester and Kader replaced Skelly and Callaghan and Hester broke through the middle but, as you said, his weak shot was straight at the keeper. Doris replaced Whatley late on and Cowden brought a good save from Mutch from a long range effort.

    Skelly doesn't seem to like strong tackles, he does seem to pull out of them, probably to avoid getting an injury, but his pace is a bonus for us. i thought Mutch had a good game. Maybe one of the senior players should have told him to take his goal kicks from the side of the 6 yard box that the wind was blowing from though! That might have kept them from going out of touch so often.

    We are progressing in the wrong direction in the league and need the players to step up and show what they are capable of. Perhaps some didn't realise that this is a harder league than they expected after dropping down a league or two.

    We really need to stop dropping points at home. Should get a result next week against the new team in the league.

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    Skelly has pace dont get me wrong and when he does get past players then can pose a real threat. I feel he doesnt do it enough though ... I dont think any player, regardless of what league play in, should shy out of a challenge. At the end of the day, they get paid to play football and tackling is a massive part of the game regardless of what position you play. I just feel the likes of Doris and Prunty would get stuck in more but thats just me.

    Seasons still young mind you, so hopefully things get better as I agree that we're heading the wrong way down the league and need to stop dropping needless points at home.

    A bounce back with a win against the new boys of the league and if not, we're in big trouble. No disrespect to Edinburgh by the way but you always want to bag 3pts against bottom of the table opponents.

    Do you have your usual viewing spot at Gayfield 'Bellevue'? Im in the stand next to the home dugout. My wee boy likes speaking to the staff and loves the high fives he gets from the players.

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    I can understand why Skelly tends to shy away from crunching tackles. As a young guy on loan he probably doesn't want to chance an injury that might jeopardise his position with his parent club. Maybe he has even been told by Dundee to make sure he doesn't pick up a bad injury?

    I've always stood on the terracing ever since I was taken along as a boy and lifted over the turnstiles, longer ago that I care to remember. I tend to move towards the end that we are attacking and move around at half time. Glad to hear the players give your lad high fives and have a word with him, hope the opposition do it too.

    Looks like we are the only ones keeping this site alive, everyone else seems to have gone over to Pie and Bovril. Shame because there have been some good contributors on here over the past few years.

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    It could well be a case of getting told of not going in heavily but still, no reason to completely back out

    I have noticed a few names have disappeared lately but nothing will stop us contributing ...

    Nah, very rarely we get the away team speaking as we're at the opposite end to them pre match. I took wee man into the terrace in the second half but couldnt stand at piece so back to the stand it was. Couldnt be bothered with the Cowden fans singing their pish either.

    A decent draw in the Scottish Cup with a home game against Uni of Stirling ... Could have been worse mind you.

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