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Thread: Them android tv boxes

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    Them android tv boxes

    Anyone got one? I'm currently with sky paying roughly a billion pound a month for my package. Mate of mine has something called 'sly tv'. 150 one-off payment for 2 year subscription. That's with every channel including PPV.

    He says they're ok. Hardly a raging endorsement is it?

    So, has anyone else got one? I've often questioned the legality of them but they're widely available and advertised pretty openly.


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    Not heard of Sly TV and not found much recent information in a very quick Google search. However I have a Android box ordered but could still be a little while. It is pre-installed with Kodi, which you could easily install on a PC or smart phone to get an idea of how it works. I use Kodi via PC but it's a pain to hook up to the TV each time I want to watch something important, which is why I'm going to be using the Android box, effectively turning the TV into a smart TV if you don't already have one, but with much much more freedom. Comes with remote control so effectively just like a STB. Won't do anything I can't already do via the pc but will be much neater and I can still use the main laptop for alternative things. So I'll report back in time, but I'm also interested to hear any views. As I'm already familiar with Kodi I'm not expecting to be blown away as it's something I've used for awhile, other than the convenience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not_A_Cheat View Post
    Not heard of Sly TV and not found much recent information in a very quick Google search. is his website. Seems you need a dish and internet connection (which I have). Our lass is apprehensive but she don't pay the bill, so it's tough. I know a few have em but wanted a broader audience other than my mates and their mates etc

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    I bought an Amazon firestick,plugged it into my TV,;loaded it with Kodi and watch every channel and brand new film under the sun. Total cost 35.

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    Aren't all these types of boxes with Kodi loaded on all about streaming tho, which means you get buffering issues from time to time?

    Lads got a little box with Kodi loaded on and he has streaming/buffering issues

    I bought the wife a Galaxy S2 tablet for Xmas and the lad has loaded Kodi on to it as it's an Android app. She started watching a film on it and yes the usual happened

    This is probably why Dars mate said they're ok rather than fkin ace

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