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Thread: SNPs p1ss poor NHS

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    SNPs p1ss poor NHS

    What a pigs ear this incompetent bunch of separatist barstewards are doing ruining Scotlands NHS. Ill people waiting 18 weeks between referral and treatment, hospitals failing separate targets. The worst performance in 5 and a half years. There is more figures I could quote but you can see the SNP are failing the Scottish people again and again.
    The SNP are a bunch of self centred, useless chunts that are only interested in one thing

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    What was the period between referral and treatment when 'Scottish' labour were in charge? It would be good to have a comparison to judge the current government on? As for failing targets, is that the fault of the people who set them or the people who are meant to achieve them? Unfortunately Scotland is a very sick country, life expectancy is way lower than other western countries, you can thank the labour/tory parties for that.

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