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Thread: A decent proposal?

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    A decent proposal?

    Advert Free Membership.

    I was genuinely unaware of the possibility of paying a small subscription to obviate the nuisance of advertising for those affected by it.

    Please let me know what you think of the possibility and is anyone using this service?

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    For me its indecent TEC.

    I'm the same as alf, I will not pay to read/write on a Forum, it comes down to principal, alf will not pay for a parking spot, I live in South London, if I need to get to North London I will take the longest route around the M25 to get there even if it means paying an extra 10 in petrol rather than pay the Congestion Charge as its daylight robbery and I will not contribute.

    This is the 21st Century, how many teams are on Footymad ? surely Footymad could have a strip no bigger than a half inch over our own Turfites Talk banner on this site and every other Clubs banner, all along to match it, a permanent non flashing, non moving, non popping static advert ?

    If interested in the Ad, you click on it, far better than pop ups which have drivel hundreds of posters away with it being rammed down our throats, I realise that they have to have some ads to make the venture pay, but they must find a more decent and better way of doing so, as I have said above mass losses of contributors because they did not listen, I think I speak for most that Footymad will not get much more traffic if they don't listen this time.

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