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Thread: Reporting procedure for intrusive advertising

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    Reporting procedure for intrusive advertising

    Message from the owners of the network that Queens Mad is on:

    All commercial partnerships on this forum are dealt with directly by Digital Sports Group and are not under the control of the editor or moderation team. As such any complaints need to be report directly to them via e-mail:

    Contact: Simon Boynton
    Contact email: simon@football.co.uk

    Please also copy your editor/moderator into the mail - queens.mad@btinternet.com
    In order for the complaint to be successfully processed, the following information needs to be supplied:

    What type of advert - pop up, video, full page block etc.
    Nature of intrusion - obscuring site, loud volume, site hanging etc.
    Where the advert appeared - Name plus Forum or Clubsite
    Device being used to access - Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

    Additionally a screenshot of the advert and the time it appeared would be most useful.

    Many thanks for your help

    Simon Boynton
    Managing Director - Digital Sports

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    theres an easier way to block these silly adverts which is for the site to block them all ,or would that dig into there precious profits . these sites should be run by volunteers at no cost or profit ,thats my view ,there would be no need for allowing adverts atol .

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