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Thread: Oi Oi Covs

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    Oi Oi Covs

    i feel your pain :-(

    All the best and let's hope things improve for you rapid

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    You honestly think we're going to support you when you're doing everything in your power to ruin the game. We've been in this god awful league for 6 seasons and are fighting tooth and nail to get out of it.

    Charlton showed you how to Protest a couple of weeks ago;
    Outside the ground before the game,
    Tennis balls on the pitch early on,
    Chanting throughout the match,

    That's how you generate some sympathy for your cause.

    All you're going to do with the whistling, holding on to the ball and pitch invasions is piss off opposition fans and alienate yourselves from the rest of the league.

    I sympathise with their situation, starting with the move from Highfield Road... But all they did tonight was weaken my sympathy and support. They got a sarcastic and wind up response as they allowed their protest to effect us negatively. It's not our fault their club is knackered.

    Why ease off the whistles as Cov attack?

    Why only throw tennis balls at Blades players?

    Half witted, go drown in your Sky Blue Sisu misery. Hypocrites.

    I remember walking past the Howard a couple of years ago to the sounds of "One Carlos Tevez" from the Sky Blues.

    Stay Classy Sky blues.

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    DRokk- if oyu refer to me in any way as supporting what went on during the game last night, I have not seen any of it by the way, I would like to point out that my post was made before KO

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