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Thread: Britnats, any comment on Aleppo?

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    Britnats, any comment on Aleppo?

    Your government caused the war in Syria, so please comment on it, you sick phukks. Or will you keep slavering on about the toytown parliament ruining your lives. Just need one of you cowards to step up, just one.

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    Still no Britnats fancy this one, not even the fat nigel who posts as Doctor Dildo and a few other names

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    At 01:50 this nomark whank decided to reply to his own post.

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    The time is wrong on this part of the forum you phukkin filthy little hun human toilet

    So you were actually on here slavering your hun pish at half 7 in the morning, stupid junkie phukk

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    Fattydice thinks being up at 7 in the morning is somehow odd, what a barmpot

    Oh and fattydice it is now 10:28pm, unless you are saying every clock and watch in my house is wrong, you phucking pap
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    Fattydice never did get back to me on this thread, or does he answer to gaydice now

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    Fattydice has still gone missing on this thread, guess he's to busy calling anything and everything gay. What a phucking sap.

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    The english fister has a point, it's post after post about gay by gaydice, he's out of control

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    The slug avoiding it's drunken rant threads at all costs, what a fhucking sad sack

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