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Thread: Better for us if Derby go up.

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    Better for us if Derby go up.

    I know this sounds like heresy. But seriously the 1 thing that's gonna be a big motivation for these bunch of clowns who occasionally show up at matches and play as a team, is the kick in the goolies that our rivals have succeeded.

    And seriously for Derby, it's no big deal finishing higher than us or beating us in the league. Heck I don't think finishing 3rd but losing the playoffs is so much more fantastic than us finishing 20th.

    This rivalry is no good with both of us in Tier 2. I recall Burnley finishing like 20th in 1 season and gaining promotion the next.
    Heck would we even be talking of Brighton and Huddersfield let alone Bournemouth being promotional candidates say 4-5 seasons ago?

    Derby getting promoted may just be wake up call this club and the new owners need to get their act together by appointing the correct manager and buying the correct players for a sustainable push for promotion.

    I think there's a great need for the next manager to build a team from scratch. 60 to 70 % of our players are not motivated to fight week in week out.
    Sure they might play a blinder 1 week, only to relax for the next 3.
    Our defensive mindset has been nothing short of criminal in the last 5 seasons. The moment Morgan left, it's been shambolic.

    Build a team from the back, promote the youth players and buy smartly.
    Gary Rowett would be the right fit or someone in that mould/mindset.

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    If I recall correctly, in the past when we were in the top flight, it wouldn't be very long for Derby to join us.

    I believe it was an eyesore for the owners/managers/players at Pride Park/ Baseball Grd/ Ipro and they worked damn hard to join us.

    We on the other hand slipped into the abyss when they were perched in the top flight.
    It's bloody high time we corrected this attitude and use it as a motivation factor. Notts are in similar position in relation to us.

    What is it? 1 point between the 2 Nottingham clubs in December?
    Simply intolerable.

    If we're gonna improve, we must use the remainder of the season to build a team and develop a style and technique and application of tactics to use for the following seasons. With the proper buys and sales in the summer.

    And for goodness sake, fans should stop clamouring for flowing football. Effective football and grinding out wins is the only way forward.

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    42 years to the day, Clough walked through the City Ground door. Even he took 1.5 seasons to build a promotional team.
    We must start now and by 2020 we can reap our fruits of labour.

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    Derby won't get promotion, there's at least 4 better teams in this division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by essexred52 View Post
    Derby won't get promotion, there's at least 4 better teams in this division.
    Quite right Essex, luckily promotion isn't the be all and end all this season, think most realistic fans will be happy with finishing in the play offs considering our bad start then we enter the lottery of the play offs, granted I'll agree that there are better than us but you just never know, fluked deflection, OG and there you go

    I've always said and you lot always mock, you have to be in it to win it, don't buy a ticket you won't win a prize, OK we might flop again but better to fail trying than not to have tried at all which ties in nicely with what Romanis is saying, you've said it yourself Essex that you wouldn't mind losing a game so long as you saw 110% effort and comitment

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    Yes I guess it's pretty tough to talk about rivals and other teams when we seem to wave the white flag ever so often.

    The crying shame is that on paper we do have good players. Most who leave us end up playing better.

    Montainer changes formations way too much. Why was Velios on the bench last time out?
    And I could go on and on about other players.

    I still don't see us getting relegated but blimey this has to be the worst we played in a decade.

    It's easy to pin the blame on Fawaz, but surely one can't pin the blame for each piss poor display on him all the time.
    And the worry is that even if he loses control, they'll still be here and I can't see these clowns start performing

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