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Thread: good win

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    good win

    Good win last night. First time I've seen them play this season, and in spite of one or two slight misgivings (allowing Portsmouth to manipulate possession in the last half hour of the first half, midfield error leading to the Portsmouth equalizer, Marosi's positioning when trying to narrow the angle, his late injury...), overall I felt it was a fairly impressive and entertaining performance against a good team, topped off with 3 very well-taken goals. Glad to see the team so motivated, finally rewarding Madirish's eternal optimism! Other thoughts on the performance?

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    I wasn't able to watch the match, but followed it on BBC and Twitter. By all accounts the whole team played well and deserved the result. We seem to be doing well at present, and Ferguson should be proud of their efforts. I just hope that it wasn't because the eyes of the Sky world were on them. There is no reason why they shouldn't play that well in every match.

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