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Thread: Davis has gone

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    Davis has gone

    Steve Davis has been sacked but is Dave Artell the answer no experience can he guide a team on the decline to safety?

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    Thanks Steve for some great moments in the history of Crewe Alex, but it certainly was time to go. Let's hope we have some free flowing football for the rest of the year - it can't get any worse.

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    I wonder what will happen to Collins

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    Hopefully Collins to go to make Kenny Lunt assistant?

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    Davis has gone

    Quote Originally Posted by Preston76 View Post
    Hopefully Collins to go to make Kenny Lunt assistant?
    Well at the least the Board have acted at a timely juncture in the season while the present situation still has a chance of being rescued. Artell has a strong Crewe connection and will be fully aware of supporters expectations. He, therefore, deserves our full support. He is also on record as saying that he is a strong supporter of the Academy set up and about retaining its Category 2 status so no prospect of any change there. I have confidence that the Board will allow him to take the necessary steps to move quickly to rejig the present squad. They must fully realize the present perilous position of the club in League 2.

    Steve Davis has been an honourable Manager who has given the club some good times and one should not forget that.

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    Agreed , when he came in he brought some much needed ambition to the club and no one could doubt his effort. It's worth remembering in those first few seasons he out thought a fair few managers too and he had a lot to deal with off the pitch.

    Time to go definitely , but I do hope he gets another club and does well for them.

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    Will the board give Artell some money now !!!!

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    About time and I hope Collins follows. To be fair, the two trips to Wembley are two of my greatest football memories and he deserves credit for those. However, he should have gone at the end of 15-16.

    No idea how Artell will shape up, but the Club has been crying out for change. Lunt or Lowe as assistant manager? Wonder if Artell will have money to spend during the transfer window?

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    Making Artell mNger seems an odd decision to me. In our present predicament would have thought an experienced manager was essential. I do hope that he is a brilliant success, its the least the supporters deserve.

    And I do hope that Collins does not remain.

    The board have to give our new managers sufficient funds to strengthen our team. Two new midfielders and a striker are a must/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruocul View Post
    Making Artell mNger seems an odd decision to me. In our present predicament would have thought an experienced manager was essential.

    Artell being a strong advocate of the academy, it must have helped swing it for him.
    Plus he's already on the staff so we continue to promote within - which has been proven to work before. Ok, not always, admittedly, but I'm all for trying to continue to promote the Crewe way rather than go down the Gudjon route again.

    And we always talk about the fact that we want to see passion.
    Well, Artell had this in spades as a player and captain and, in my view (and I said it at the time), it was Davis's first major mistake as boss to release him a week after lifting the Play-Off trophy. he deserved the chance to lead Crewe in League One and then if he was found wanting, you deal with it.

    He looked like a born leader on the field.
    Here's hoping he can replicate that off it.
    For me, an exciting appointment!
    Play-offs here we come!!

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