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Thread: Dave Artell's Red & White Army

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    Dave Artell's Red & White Army

    Inspired appointment by the Board.

    If he manages as he played then the club will be in good hands. Much better appointment than a so called "experienced manager" ie. a journeyman who has failed repeatedly and just moves on to the next opening. Just seen Danny Wilson sacked from his 9th job!! Is that what we really wanted.

    Dave Artell will be hungry, committed and have the full support of all the fans following his contributions on the field.

    Just need to get rid of that irritant Collins and put King Kenny in as No.2 (or Lowey if he's committed to us and gets on with big Dave)

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    I guess nobody else knows the academy situation better than he does and he does have a 'degree' of intelligence. Is he any worse than the defenders we already have on show? He could easily pull on the shirt if he feels the need!

    All the very best to him and we might see some of the younger crop coming through now too. Again, can they be any worse than the existing lot? I have been reliably informed that there is no body of real quality coming through, but hey, we're not bottom of the league and not yet relegated.

    Personally, I thought maybe Craig Hignett might be a good appointment because he likes to play on the grass on the ground as opposed the sky (Not that I expect Artell to follow Davis's lead)

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    Very pleased to see David fired. Artell will be an unknown quantity, but hopefully he can motivate the players and instil some confidence. The team is better than the league position and I also hope for a bit more tactical nous. Has Collins gone? Would rather see Artell select his own assistant. Collins has had to accept his share of the blame for the predicament the Club finds itself in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furberstreet View Post
    Very pleased to see David fired.

    So soon?
    That's almost as short as Rosenior's reign at Torquay all those years ago!

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    Sorry, usually diligent about spelling errors!! I was certainly pleased to see David appointed and Davis fired. Luton will be a difficult first game, but then again, virtually every game has been tough this season.

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