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Thread: Bring the beast back home!!!

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    Bring the beast back home!!!

    Yes it has been said before probably by Bongo but now Palace and Big Sam have stated they may sell him, who would have him? who could afford him. He did say over Christmas how much he loved us the fans how he had a great time here, he wanted CL and never got it, now he tried two other clubs and well, a 3rd beckons.

    We got 6 million for Gestede, Ayew looks like he is off for around 12 million, use the money and offer Palace 25 million, they will cut their losses i'm sure? we could also sacrifice MacCormack??? we would get 8 million for him. Would not cost Mr Xia anything!!!!

    Bring him back and he will score the goals and get us back to the prem and just when you think it cannot get any better, we partner him with Kodija......mouth watering stuff,

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    I would love it obviously. Would he return though and play in the championship? I hope so but I can see fair better clubs around Europe coming in for him. Fingers crossed

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    I read today they ain't planning to sell him.

    Mouth watering stuff but absolutely no chance imo

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    Or save 20+ million and get Ikpeaza from Cambridge. Sell him for three times as much in 3 years

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    Apparently Olbion have bid 20 million which involved Berahino but Benteke does not want to go!! well go to them, come to us and join the revolution.

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    I reckon Steve Bruce could persuade him if someone could get them in a room together! Sadly no more than a romantic notion as he won't drop down a league and out of the limelight as the chances of promotion this season are less than 50:50.

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