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Thread: One of the Glassboys training with us

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    One of the Glassboys training with us

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    I knew Dan's dad, Ian, quite well, worked with him for many years. His was quite a good goalkeeper in his day before becoming a linesman. Hes quite proud of his lad.

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    I've watched Dan Scarr play for Stour many times over the last two seasons and once again on Saturday at Wycombe he was our best player.

    He's a great player at non league level and he has all the attributes needed to make it in the professional game but like anybody he'd need a lot of luck to go his way as well.

    Certainly he could step straight into a Walsall side and he'd need to be loaned out to gain experience but it's a no brainer to give lads like him a chance.

    He's a personal trainer and thus a very fit lad so I'd guess he earns well at the moment so a move into the professional game might not suit him financially.

    He's the sort of wholehearted player Pulis loves and I guess that Jonathan Gould our goalkeeping coach and dad of Stour keeper Matt Gould may be instrumental in Scarr bring trialed at Albion.

    Good luck to the lad.

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