Another slow start by the Lichties. Berwick were probably the better of two poor teams in the first half and led by a cracker of a goal at half time.

Second half didn't start much better but we gradually started to get our act together and got the equaliser when McCord scored with a low left foot shot. He then got his second with a header from good cross from substitute Skelly, who had replaced the ineffective Kader. Scott scored the third with a header from a Bobby Linn cross. Malin scored the fourth when the Berwick keeper, with the ball at his feet, took a fresh air kick at the ball and Malin was on hand to slot the ball into the net. Hard to feel sorry for the Berwick keeper as he had been time wasting from virtually the start of the match.

We need to be more consistent for the whole game, being second best to teams from the bottom end of the league for large parts of a game is not what promotion contenders should be doing.