The main man was pretending to be a normal interviewer outside your ground on a match day as you all walk in. He keeps trying to wind up your fans about the tax payer footing the bill. One Hammer tries to justify it cos it's still got a running track, another just says **** the taxpayer etc.

The one I like was the guy who burst into song:

They paid for our ground
They paid for our grou-ound
Except for the Scousers
They paid for our ground.

Fair play. If he came up with that line about the scousers off the top of his head, I'm impressed.

PS Please beat the Chavs and the Scum when you play them this spring.

PPS You do owe me. My 3rd ever game was the 1980 cup final as an 8 yr old. And when my nephew came up to London all the way from Cornwall for his 2nd ever game, it was our first defeat at the new gaff when you beat us 1-0 singing "1 shot. We only had one shot" etc.

Best of luck for the season, anyway. Except for April 4.