The lower the Millers get, the lower the turnout and scoring on MM PL and the better the chance players have of taking the monthly win and a place in the end of season playoffs. Adventus2012 takes advantage of this as he seals an extremely lucky win with 20pts over an extremely unfortunate CAMiller who takes 2nd with 19pts It only took 4 correct predictions (2 scores and 2 results) to amass those 20pts so spare a thought for villamiller who got 7 predictions correct but couldn't bag a correct score amongst them from his 2-1, 1-2 strategy. No thoughts need sparing for redhouse or NeztheMiller who could only muster 8pts between them and collect 4 donkey ears for their troubles.

January Results
redhouse 4
Monkey46 15
leedsmiller 10
BramleyMiller58 15
frogmiller 8
CAMiller 19
NeztheMiller 4
mikemiller 11
LeedsMiller1989 10
Adventus2012 20
villamiller 14
Casper64Frank 15
Tenpast_Chelsea 8
Average 12

Players into playoffs so far BramleyMiller58, leedsmiller, pip_y, Tenpast_Chelsea, monkey46, redhouse, Adventus2012