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Thread: Six Nations report, round 1

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    Six Nations report, round 1

    Scotland - superb
    Ireland - ha ha ha
    England - jammy f***ers
    France - unlucky
    Wales - slow start, 33 points yeehah
    Italy - good then sh!te

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    Round 2 report....


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    England - jammy f***ers again ?? It's all about consistency

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    Round 3 report...

    Scotland v Wales - pah!
    Ireland v France - pah
    England v Italy - great effort by Italy. Eddie Jones been here about two months and has already become a whingeing Pom. Man of the Match yesterday was the ref.

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    To anyone if you had paid serious money to watch the first half on Sunday how would you feel ? Entertained ? I don't think so. 3 wins from 3 though whatever the answer.

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    Why though LDB ? seemed ok to me..all's fair in love and war

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    No entertainment in the first half for a crowd who had paid serious money. Within the laws yes as they stand at the moment. Scotland v Italy is a sell out already, will the Italians adopt the same tactics ? The guy (and his lad) who sit next to me are massive England Rugby Fans. I'll take counsel from them tonight and be interested to hear it. Bet there is a change in the laws by next year. I paid a lot of serious money out for my Cumbrian weekend (my decision) and I was entertained so no complaints from me on that score. Hopefully the same tonight. P.U.P
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    I found that first half seriously entertaining. For the England players not to understand the rules and how to deal with it was hillarious.
    They won't change the rules for that, can't see how they could as you can't force a team to tackle and not then stand back to prevent a ruck forming, it's down the the opposotion to deal with that.
    And Eddie Jones might not have liked Italy doing it but he diddn't mention England trying it back a couple of tomes in the second half.
    Three out of three no arguments, you'rs going to win the six nations, unless of course you choke against the Scots or Irish.

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    Roger and Out....

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    Proper Rugby from what I saw yesterday. Bravo Zulu England

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    Round 4 update...

    Wales v Ireland - thats more like it
    Italy v France - as expected
    England v Scotland - jammy f**kers

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    Round 5 blind update....
    Didn't see any of the games as I was flying in but will give my expert opinion based on scores and snippets I've heard.

    Scotland v Italy - Jocks back on form
    Ireland v England - Oops but as expected. Edd8e Jones won't accept chokers.
    France v Wales - I've heard the ref played 3 hours of extra time until France finally scored a try and converted.
    Also heard one of the French players tried to eat George North, filthy cannibal!

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    Ireland deserved their win no doubt of that. So much controversy in those 20 mins in Paris I am sure the Media will have a field day covering it tomorrow (as they did today) for sure

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