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Thread: I'm pregnant

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    We're probably related then

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    Born on Monday

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    Many congratulations to you and your partner on the birth of your baby boy

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    So peaceful.

    Bea uuuuuuuuu ti full Bingo.

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    Thank you both. Considering he was born on the day JT arrived im considering Terry. Or Barry Ashley or Gabby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    Thank you both. Considering he was born on the day JT arrived im considering Terry. Or Barry Ashley or Gabby.
    He's a big fella for 4 days old, what ya feeding him? Re his name, well you are BongosDAD, so it's obvious innit?
    You wouldn't, surely not, would ya?

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    Just semi skimmed boob milk. The name Bongo did cross my mind but I don't think she would let me. It's better than some of the names she suggested.

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    Nice one bongo, all the best for all of you.

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    Congratulations Bongo. He's lovely. Looking at that pic I can see where the phrase "sleeps like a baby" comes from.

    Re names. I'm surprised Martin wasn't on the list!

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    Clever sis

    but Martian is spelt like this.

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    Wag is spelled W a g

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    Dad she hit me again

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    You know what Dad says about telling tales, bro ...

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    Sis you don't have a tail.

    Stop being so hard on yourself.

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    It's not my fault you weren't blessed with long tail genes too bro.

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    Bongo posts a pic of his new baby and you two decided to act like one. Bickering and carrying on like children. Now. Who's going to say sorry first ?

    Congratulation Bongo. Welcome to fatherhood. It's awesome !!

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    Sorry first

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    woo hoo I win again.

    No idea why mum and dad called you Winnie. Should be losey

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    Belated congratulations Bongo - life just changed so much for the better for you, hardest job in the world but by far the most rewarding. They grow up bl00dy fast so take every opportunity you can to do family stuff.

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