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Thread: Crewe v's Wycombe **** MATCH PREDICTIONS****

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    Crewe v's Wycombe **** MATCH PREDICTIONS****

    Crewe 2 Wycombe 1. Lock up the pies A.A's on the way.

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    Crewe 2 Wycombe 2 - I think we will draw. Need to build momentum and get an unbeaten run going.

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    A draw for me too

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    Hoping there isn't a bump but the pessimist in me (i.e.51 years of supporting the Alex) tells me we will not score tonight 0-2. Fingers crossed I'm wrong

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    2-1 win for me goals from Cooke & Bowery

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    Another win for me on the back of Saturdays wow game. Imagine it, not only climbing the league, but the prospect of having a plus goal difference. Now that would be something.

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    I think from what I have read that the Manager is giving the squad confidence to believe in themselves and creating a good feeling of all working together for one another. With that in mind, I think they are well capable of winning tonight by 2-0. Good luck lads!

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    Crewebacca will be impossible to live with today (grudging 'well done' - great prediction); Chalkster got it completely wrong! Well. It was Dagnall and Jones (who did not, apart from an excellent penalty, have as good a game as Saturday).
    Wycombe brought a new meaning to thuggishness, and matched it with some very good football. I think the result was smack on: we deserved the win. Yet another great all round performance and keeping the Michelin man (with, admittedly, great ball skills) Akinfenwa quiet was a tough task that George Ray largely accomplished.
    It ain't 'alf fun going to Gresty Road these last few days!

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