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Thread: Who do we drop!

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    Who do we drop!

    Before you say the whole team we do seem to be able to score again, so IMO the defenders aren't doing their jobs!

    Carson needs a bit of help in front of him so should we bring Farrend Rawson back and give him a starting place? also Shackell must think he has an opportunity to get back in the side now we are raining in goals!

    For me I'd bring Shackell back in and drop either of the centre backs!

    I still think I'd rather have Christie and Lowe in as we seem to play less defensively with the two making runs past the half way line.

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    I hope Johnson failing to play a minute sees him out the door in the summer. I really don't care how much we get for him, just find a mug that's got cash on the hip and get rid.

    sadly the same mug wont ever be found for Blackman, I think we're stuck with him.

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    It's a good question, Mac says on the OS that he'll make changes for the next game. Problem is, what other options do we realistically have?

    Bent needs to keep his place, he's earned it. Carson has done nothing wrong. Ince (surprisingly) has been a constant threat. Baird has been pretty solid.

    But otherwise, I don't see anyone else worthy of their place?

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    Bent is scoring goals but sadly for every goal he scores we're conceding 2 into the bargain. Bent must be thinking what he's done to deserve it, he scored a truck load of goals in 2014-15 in the 2nd half of the season and collapsed in a heap. I actually feel sorry for him and Ince, both score goals and try their best, and we end up on the wrong end of 4-3 scorelines when they do.

    We do need a hard b****** though, and we need to start hounding the ref more ffs, there's a reason we don't get decisions imo, and that's because we're a soft touch in more ways than 1.

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