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Thread: O/T what's your vice?

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    O/T what's your vice?

    If you have any money left to spend on yourself after family, bills, food, etc, what do you spend it on? Nowt to do with 'how much', just interested in what folk are into?

    For me, it's guitars. I own far more than a man with only one pair of hands reasonably needs (i.e. one ). Add a mandolin, banjo, dobro and ukulele-none of which I can play particularly well, and I've thoroughly overdosed on string instruments.

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    Should introduce you to my dad You'd get on like a house on fire over guitars - drives my mum mad the amount he has around.

    Me it's probably books, not the most exciting of "vices" but i love reading.

    Love having a hunt through a charity shop finding a decent book, in good nick for £2.

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    i just don't have any vices

    Actually that's more to do with the fact i haven't the cash to indulge in them.

    any cash i ever do have is quickly nabbed by the family for this that and t'other.

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    Guitars for me too, I`ve got a nice fender tele, yamaha bass. fretless bass, acoustic and about 10 grands worth of recording/performing kit oh and a 4k keyboard my mate doesn`t have the room to keep, music is the definite love of my life......that and gadgets like pc`s and laptops and home theatre. Currently got 3 sound systems in my lounge and 3 monitor systems in my office/studio. Started playing when I was 12, many moons ago......beyond that it`s holidays as as often as possible, the sunnier the better

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    Used to be guitars here, too, but I have it down under 10 these days and no plans to buy any more as I can't justify it to myself any more and have been trying to have less clutter generally I played in a reasonably successful rock band in my early 20s and toured round Europe on and off for a few years. Being a lefty, I always jumped on nice left-handed guitars when they popped up on Ebay and sometimes got a mate in Japan to buy them for me there, as the Japanese cater far better for lefties (there is a lefty-only guitar shop in Tokyo... one for the bucket list!)

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    would we recognize the name of the band nephy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonlegend View Post
    would we recognize the name of the band nephy?
    Fields of the Nephy-ilm?


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    records ,lambrettas ,vespas and cars

    sold my splitscreen so have a few pennys to spend

    might get a vintage wurlitzer for the man cave and some neon art for the walls .

    i have a few guitars
    two given to me by colin hodgkinson

    not very good but i was once the guitar man in my boy back in the 80s

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    Pardon my ignorane but who's Colin Hodgkinson?

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    the very 1st rock band i saw live was when i was 14 at the blaydon races pub. they were americans called "sliced fingers" and i thought they were brilliant.. very like a cross between the stones/blood sweat and tears. i've never forgotten that night. haha probably before anyone else on here was born except for pat

    zippy man stop confusing me

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