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Thread: Prediction League - Chelsea (FA Cup)

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    Prediction League - Chelsea (FA Cup)

    Wolves league form has been disappointing. And while we haven't been great at home for most of the season, we were hoping that 5 in row at Molineux would be a positive for us. The first two have given us two losses and no goals for Wolves. Things don't get any easier with the best squad in England coming to Molineux for the 5th round of the FA Cup. The victor will earn a trip to the quarterfinals of the competition. Wolves haven't reached that far since the 02-03 promotion season where we defeated Newcastle, Leicester City, and Rochdale before falling on the road to Southampton. While I'd love for our run to continue, I'm not sure I see it happening. In all competitions, Chelsea are 23-3-4. In league play, they've only dropped points in 6 games. However, giving us some glimmer of hope, five of those six games were on the road. And their loss in the League Cup was on the road to West Ham. So while our first two victories in the FA Cup came on the road, Chelsea have only lost or drawn one match at Stamford Bridge this season. I expect nearly a full strength squad to take on Wolves this weekend as Chelsea's last match was last weekend and they don't have another match until next weekend. So no reason to rest anybody. The Premier League title is theirs barring a disastrous finish, so I imagine they'll want as much hardware as they can get this season. Without continental play, they have two trophies left to play for: Premiership and the FA Cup. In this competition, they've outscored opponents Posh and Brentford 8-1 combined, with the lone goal conceded a meaningless goal to Posh after John Terry was red carded. In the FA Cup, Pedro has 3 goals, Willian 2 and Batshuayi has 2 as well. In league play, Costa has 15, Hazard 10. Their defending is just as good as their attack is, if not better. They've conceded only 25 goals in all competitions in 30 total matches. Six of those 25 goals were in the League Cup. Only 18 goals have been conceded in league play, and as pointed out earlier, only one in the FA Cup. With Wolves coming off two home matches in which we've scored 0 goals, things look bleak.

    To sum up the above:
    Chelsea - Good
    Wolves - poor
    Wolves chances of victory - minute

    But we'll still be cheering on our boys and hoping against hope for a victory and advancing to the quarterfinals.

    Wolves 1-3 Chelsea


    1) theplater - 20.2
    2) wolves71 - 17.5
    3) TheDing - 17.2
    4) kensleftfoot - 17
    5) Woking88 - 16.3
    6) JonDeWolf - 13.4
    6) WOODLANDSWOLF - 13.4
    8) Makka - 11.1
    9) wolfiebill - 10.3
    10) GrizzledWolf - 10
    11) MichiganWolf - 9.5
    12) Newcywolf - 9.2
    13) EveWolf65 - 9.1
    14) Switch_Off_Lights - 6.2
    15) icart - 3
    16) ADP22 - 1

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    Wolves 1-4 Chelsea (Helder Costa)

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    Wolves 1 - Chelsea 4

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    Wolves 1 Chelsea 3


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    Us 1 them 3, Edwards,

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    Who knows with this lot?

    Wolves 1-2 Chelsea

    Helder Costa

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    WOLVES 1-4 chelsea (Helder Costa)

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    Part of me thinks we'll blag a 1-0 , part thinks we'll get a thumping. So i'm going down the middle !!

    1-1 (Costa)

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    Wolves0 Chelsea 4 Edwards

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    Wolves 1-4 Chelsea (Helder Costa)

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