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Thread: What is going wrong?

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    What is going wrong?

    Another defeat in a game we should be expecting to win and now we have a difficult return game at Wembley if we are to progress. Before that we have the FA Cup tie at a young and talented Fulham side who will be a serious challenge. Are we missing Danny that much?

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    Dave: Forgive me but I don't know why the Spurs are playing their European games at Wembley (why exactly?) but it seems like playing in a graveyard. European opposition and their fans will always relish playing's going to be an uphill task getting a result.

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    Hello Frenchie mate good to see you on here. Wembley was a good atmosphere but it does inspire other teams and their fans. We have to play away from the Lane due to the building work already started on the new stadium. Next season in the Premiership will be a real test for the same reason. Cannot believe you only managed 7k for your last game bearing in mind your closeness to the play offs and your Cup exploits!

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    Evening Dav: up until last season I used to subscribe to a French TV channel called Canal + which showed all the EPL games but this season they lost out to SFR (a telephone company) and I didn't bother to re-subscribe (pissed off paying all the time) so I am a bit lost with what is going on football wise in England. I rely mainly on the football forums and the BBC web site so forgive my apparent ignorance. What is the lane's capacity now during the building? Was there no way that they couldn't play their Euro games there or was it a UEFA ruling?
    As for the gates down the Den, they have been dwindling for years. A lot (probably not all) is due to the demographics. People like myself who have left the area can't get to the games anymore and what is even worse is that my kids. who would normally be Millwall supporters now follow Marseille although they do keep an eye out for the'Wall results!!
    I read the other day about a guy who had a mortal accident with a chainsaw in an "affluant" part of Bermondsey....When I used to frequent Bermondsey there was absolutely NOWHERE that could be considered "affluant"!!

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    Evening Frenchie, maybe it said effluent and not affluent? I usually watch footie on streams on my laptop and generally it works well and is free. I think that the capacity at the Lane this season is under 32,000 when it was 36,600 previously. But for European games the capacity is reduced even further. I can't understand why the Wall's crowds are so low, I live in Bexleyheath and there are quite a few Wall fans but they have stopped going to games. When they have got to Wembley in recent years they can take 40,000, it is about time they got behind Harris who is doing a great job.

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    Affluant!! FFS! I don't even have the excuse of a typing error as I typed it twice!! My spelling is getting as bad as Tricky's
    Anyway should have at least 14000 today which will make us a few bob
    Cheers FL

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