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Thread: Swindon Town F.C. v Oldham Athletic F.C.

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    Swindon Town F.C. v Oldham Athletic F.C.

    a ***** game for both sides and of course it won't be easy for either team as we are both equally sh!te.

    Fans (well some fans) are planning an en-mass walkout during the game and a demo outside the North Stand.

    Not sure what it will achieve but frustrations are running high. I don't doubt the players and the coach feel the same way but it's time to wake up and smell the coffee and put 90 mins in


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    Best of luck Gaz, I will be keeping an eye out for your score.

    By the way your post where you said Adios, many people were concerned you had left, because of now there have been 672 views.

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    Get in 0-0

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