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Thread: O/T The Big Buttock Tattoo Now Published

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    O/T The Big Buttock Tattoo Now Published

    Despite public demand, our new book, The Big Buttock Tattoo, featuring a compilation of the least unpopular articles from The Rotherham Bugle, is now published.

    In consumer tests, it proved to be an infallible cure for insomnia, the ideal size for a two pint beer mat, and the perfect gift for that special person in your life that you know you have to buy something for, but really can’t be bothered.

    Order your copy today. – in fact order several. Every single penny will go to one of three very special charities , which you can read about when you click through to get full information on the book. So even if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’ll at least know that you’ll be improving someone else’s day by ordering it.

    Full details of how to get hold of a copy (or more) can be found here.

    Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

    Get your copy here

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    Come on, if ever there was a day we need a laugh, this is it. Donate and get a copy (or copies) today.

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    Ordered 3 copies yesterday . Looking forward to reading the many joys between the covers.
    I hope you raise a decent amount for the 3 charities.
    Come on fellas..get yer 'ands in tha pockets.

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    Just ordered a couple.
    Ones for my wife's uncle in St Helens, originally a Rawmish lad, I'm sure he'll love it.
    Birthday present sorted, thanks Lasterman

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    Many thanks for all the orders so far.

    Just a quick clarification. Someone got in touch to say it wasn't clear whether this was an ebook or a traditional paper and ink thing. It's a traditional paper and ink book...around 96 pages I think...the sort of thing you can use to prop up a very wobbly table or mop up beer slops in an emergency.

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    Is it a tattoo for a big buttock, or a big tattoo for a buttock, or a big tattoo for a big buttock?

    Just a bump for a good cause
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    I've e mailed the link to my mates

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    Quote Originally Posted by jolly_roger View Post
    Is it a tattoo for a big buttock, or a big tattoo for a buttock, or a big tattoo for a big buttock?

    Just a bump for a good cause
    I think if you have a big buttock, you need a big tattoo to go with it. Otherwise it would like like a pea on a drum as my old mum would say.

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    Just had an email in from a reader that I wanted to share with you...

    "Just wanted to congratulate you for creating one of the best/funniest books I've read in ages. My wife and I both cried laughing."
    John Laycock

    Get your copy today if you haven't already. You'll be helping three great charities and solving one or more gift buying problems at the same time.

    Everyone's a winner.

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    The site has gone crazy the last few days...over 100,000 visitors this week already. Grab your book while you can.

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    John can I call personally to your office to purchase three copies?

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    Yep, no problem at all. Open from 9.00 to 5.00 Monday to Friday.

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    Selling like hot cakes (Have you ever bought a hot cake? Me neither) Get your copy today...

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