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Thread: O/T Who Likes Marmite?

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    O/T Who Likes Marmite?

    Revolting stuff. I know someone who puts it on toast, yuk.

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    I had some on toast this morning. Love it, so does our youngest son, my wife and eldest son hate it though.

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    Love it. I would take toast to school every day and it was a treat when it had Marmite on it. But I have always liked savoury tastes and not been too fussed about sweet. My daughter loves it too especially on toast.

    Broccoli. Not too bad but my granddaughter absolutely loves it. From a toddler she would happily eat the stuff cooked and cold

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    Absolutely love Marmite, especially when spread thickly on toasted wholemeal bread.


    Really like my broccoli too Q.

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    love the stuff along with the vegimite too although its not as good

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    Bloody F*^+ing revolting vile concoction. It should be banned.

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    Weaned on it..
    Have some everyday. Apart from toast, excellent on cheese.
    I have a packet of the small individual portions. I take one out when cycling to have with my toast in the cafe.

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    I don't recall ever having it.
    I've led a sheltered life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phild View Post
    Revolting stuff. I know someone who puts it on toast, yuk.
    PS Is this an attempt of insider dealing Phild buddy ? Are you going to buy some Unilever shares ? :-)

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    I'd rather eat a dog turd wrapped in nettles.

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